Tuesday, September 14, 2010

celebrate your amazing brain...

Meg put this post on the Permaculturevisions student yahoo group.

Did you know that the brain has amazing plasticity- moldability - is able to
make (and grow) more connections- so know that you are special..and science
now proves it. so tell your kids this.This is exciting because when you
accept this concept of plasticity, you realise that the brain is such a
powerful thing.

there was an experiment with 3 groups who have never played the piano.
group one watched the piano for 5 days (control group)
2nd group did piano practice for 5 days (basic scales)
3 rd group IMAGINED they were playing the piano.
and amazingly their brains improved as much as those who actually practiced
(what we don't know is this: did the ones who imagined they were playing
piano imagine scales or written music or particular pieces? I personally
would have liked to experiment with this..)
My mother started playing piano when she was over 65 and she believed in
keeping her brain active..
she never succumbed to alzheimers, but she did succumb to learned
helplessness in her last year at 81.

go to abc .net.au/big ideas - re Baronness Prof Susan Greenfield (oxford)
you can download the audio

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Monday, April 19, 2010

about My visit to diggers

I'm excited about my trip to St Kilda Community Gardens in Victoria last Sunday.

I have added some shots to the folder on facebook called the Problem becomes the Solution. The Facebook link is facebook/permaculturevisions fan page.


The whole veg-out community garden project is an example of how the problem becomes the solution really.

Parts in the old lawn-bowls buildings had maintenance challenges that required volunteers, once the community garden was formed the volunteers maintain the gardens with great enthusiasm and a productive reward!


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ABC TV big Ideas Podcast on climate change

we put up a video podcast on http://climatechangeandyou.blogspot.com
about carbon change and effects by ABC.net.au/big ideas
Everyone should watch this.