Thursday, March 6, 2008

Permaculture - A vision for now and the future

Permaculture is a sustainable way of growing food and living with minimal impact on the earth's resources. You can grow your own food on a balcony , in a pot, on a suburban plot or on an acreage. This page forms part of free contribution to minimising climate change and helping people to improve their lifestyle, their health and reduce their carbon foortprint.
You can go to and read the 60 pages of free information and or enroll for a course in permaculture.

Permaculturevisions helps people in developing countries to live sustainably.
When you enroll in a course you help us to help them.

This blogspot is dedicated to providing free information for everyone's use but we do hope you will respect our copyright ownership. The name Permaculturevisions is the name of our company. you can write to us at or to Meg at or just respond here in comments.
Watch this space while we build this page for you!

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